Thailand – 1991

We only stayed a very short time after arriving in Bangkok, but we did take a river boat and visit a temple that we hadn’t been at on previous trips. Our daughter liked to imitate the statues. He imitated some people praying at a Buddhist temple in Sichuan, China, when she was two years old. There were some Tibetan monks nearby who saw her doing it, and they started to scream “Lama, Lama!”, believing that she was a reincarnated lama.

We flew to Mae Hong Son where we found nice guesthouse with good food

The local fauna liked the food too.

There are two Burmese-style temples, Wat Chong Kham, built approx. 200 years ago, and Wat Chong Klang, built approx. 150 years ago. In the view here from across the lake, Wat Chong Klang is on the right and Wat Chong Kham on the left.

Wat Phra That Doi Kong Mu at an altitude of 1,500 m.

View from the temple

A boat ride up the river

Views along the way

We arrived at a village where “long-necked” women lived.

Later, we had a bad conscience when a friend told us that many of these women were held captive to be put on display for tourists. No idea if this is true.

Of course, we could not deny our daughter an elephant ride!

A real family outing!

Back in town and then off to Pai

We rented a motorbike in Pai to visit the surroundings

Mo Paeng Waterfall

Visits to various temples, but my memory fails me as to whether we were still in Pai or already in Chiang Mai.

A performance of Thai dancing is not to be missed

Next stop Koh Samui where we stayed a few days at one of the quieter beaches

Our daughter made friends quickly

But we didn’t stay long, because we wanted to visit our neighbors from Korea, a Thai professor and his family. Their son Flook was our daughter’s best friend when we had lived in Seoul several years previously. Although they had not seen each other for approx. 3 years and had no common language, they immediately starting playing together as if they had only parted the day before.

They left us at a resort where they had taken us. After which, we were the only ones there, and we decided to head back to the same lovely beach on Koh Samui.

Back to Bangkok and some good food

Fooling around

Our dear friend Collin, who passed away several years ago. We often stayed at his house when we were in Bangkok. It was located in a typical Thai neighborhood across the river from the King’s Palace.

And then back to the cold in Europe, but it can also be fun there!

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